Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

Channel all support via DMMU

………….. otherwise you will end up donating mealie meal to Kabulonga where there is no hunger, Says President Lungu.

“It is sad that the hunger situation in some parts of the country is being politicised.”

President Edgar Lungu has advised Zambians to channel their support towards areas affected by hunger to relevant institutions such as the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) because it ensures that the help (relief food) reaches those that need it the most.

President Lungu has said DMMU under the Office of the Vice- President is the only institution with the capacity to distribute relief food to affected households in a coordinated and effective manner.

And President Lungu says he is sad that some people want to politicise the hunger situation in some parts of the country.

Speaking when he officiated at the launch of the Harvest of Winter Maize by Zambeef Plc at Zambeef Farm in Sinazongwe district of Southern Province today, Friday, the Head of State said DMMU has the capacity to guide which areas are most deprived.

He said Southern Province is one such area which needs alot of support and that his government welcomes support from all Zambians regardless of their political affiliation, tribe or standing in society.

“I wish to appeal to all well-meaning Zambians to come forward and provide support to people in areas affected by hunger. In Southern Province and indeed, other parts of the country, agricultural production has reduced significantly. This has made access to food for many Zambian households whose areas had poor yields, very difficult,” he said.

President Lungu assured that no one will die from hunger because government through DMMU will provide relief to affected households.

“My government is determined to see to it that no life is lost because of hunger. I, therefore, wish to assure the Nation that every effort is being made to provide relief to affected households, this has, therefore, helped us plan our efforts in a more coordinated and effective manner,” he said.

He said efforts by DMMU have helped to cushion the impact of hunger that many families are faced with.

“So far, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), through the DMMU has released one million by fifty kilogramme bags of maize to mostly families affected by hunger.

He warned politicians not to politicise climate change and the hunger situation in some parts of the country.

“It is dreadful that even with the overwhelming evidence on the presence of climate change, we still have doubting Thomases who have been dismissing the phenomenon as a fallacy”

“My Administration will not take advantage of this situation to gain cheap political mileage. We are aware of the many lives which are at steak. There is no need to play politics about this serious natural phenomenon,” he said.

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