Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Edgar lungu is the only president who has really worked well in Zambia – Namwala CD

“Nati niku uza kuti pankani yanjala President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, we really appreciate him for what he has done”

Namwala District Commissioner, Mary Sakala has praised President Edgar Lungu for being the only sitting president who has really worked hard and distributed free mealie meal to affected citizens.

Sakala has singled out President Lungu out of the six head of states that have ruled the country as having done a lot for people in hunger stricken areas.

She adds that Zambia’s first President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, former Presidents Rupiah Banda and late Michel Sata tried, but the incumbent has done more than any other leader in relief distribution.

Reacting to Namwala civic leaders who complained about transparency in the Food Reserve Agency community maize sales, Sakala urged people in Namwala to salute President Edgar Lungu for his efforts to fight the hunger situation.

“Tell the nation that if there’s no any other president who has worked well in this country, it’s Edgar Chagwa Lungu.Apart from Edgar Chagwa Lungu, it is the late Sata.Banayesako.Bamene banatiyambileko ba Kaunda, banasebenza, naba Rupiah Banda, banasebenza.Infact aba manje bachita more because there is no any other president who has helped people in this situation we are in now. Those are the only presidents we have seen that have performed well.Nati niku uza kuti pankani yanjala, ba President Ba Edgar Chagwa Lungu we really appreciate him for what he has done.Nindani President wamene munanvela ati apasa unga freely throughout the country apart from him,” asked Sakala.

But Namwala Member of Parliament Moono Lubezhi has warned Sakala to stop mocking people, arguing that Namwala has not received a fair share of relief food.

She says last month’s 4, 800 by 12.5 kg bags of mealie meal was inadequate to meet the population of over 150 thousand people in need of relief food.

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