LCC disinfects house in lusaka east

Lusaka City Council (LCC) through Public Health Department has continued with the disinfection of houses which were flooded by storm water last week in the eastern part of the city. A number of houses in Kaunda Square, Salama Park and Mtendere East got flooded last week following a heavy downpour in the area. The storm water is suspected to be contaminated hence the need for disinfection. The disinfection exercise is meant to reduce the bacterial load which may cause infections in human beings. The team of Public Health Inspectors is targeting both the rooms and surroundings of affected properties. And LCC is advising all residents of the city to be boiling or chlorinating water for drinking and other domestic uses such washing kitchen utensils. The advise comes in the work of the press statement issued by the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) on the possible contamination of water resources due to floodings occurring in selected parts of country. The statement indicates that contamination of water may occur due to boreholes being submerged with septic tanks and soak ways likely to overflow. Water, especially from boreholes and wells, should be boiled or chlorinated in order to ensure that the water being consumed is safe. The Council if further advising residents to adhere to other hygiene practices such washing hands with soap after using the toilet, warning food before eating, covering food and avoid buying food from unlicensed/undesignatef place.
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