Chanda calls for productive politics

The president of the New Congress Party (NCP) Pastor Peter Chanda ,has called on Zambians to be productive and contribute positively to the growth of our economy. Pastor Chanda says ,the current robust infrastructure development sets the tone for Zambians to engage in productive avenues such as business or farming because the country is rich in untapped resources especially land and water. He says road developments have made farmers have access to markets without difficulties and has enabled investors to get to them easily. The NCP Leader, emphasises that instead of waiting for the government which has already provided for a conducive business environment, people should find something to do for themselves. Citing a practical example from his personal life ,Pastor Chanda says at the age of 14 when he was chased from primary school for not paying school fees,he did not go crying to his father who could not afford paying but instead decided to go to Soweto market and started throwing off wastes from restaurants as a piece work piece,from where he raised capital for his now business. He further says that the country is enjoying a democratic space because we have a sitting President Edgar Chagwa Lungu Who believes in democracy as evidenced from the opposition leaders who insult him day in and out without him reiterating. Pater Chanda explains , the problem is that we have politicians who have run out of ideas but just want to gain political mileage .It is fact that t the 2018/2019 rain season was the most hit with drought as it was the first time in the history of Zambia that we were able to see the nakedness of the victory falls. The NCP president calls on Zambians that it is time to redefine the art of politics. Because it is not about the strength of the muscles or the power of cadres that is needed in our political landscape but the brains of politicians to air their manifesto. The Youthful opposition leader ‘s massage to the Youths is that they should understand and make use of the power to vote which they have and must reject politics of hatred , tribalism and violence. Pastor Peter Chanda says, the word of God teaches us to cut off from the dealings or attitudes of our forefathers and as such he advises cadres to stop the old UNIP vigilante violent kind of behaviour. He says the country needs a new crop of cadres who believes in getting an NRC and a voters card to pursue productive avenues and that is why the New Congress Party (NCP) believes and is promoting Unity ,Peace ,Productivity and Stability as four pillars for economic, social, political and national development. The energetic Leader lectures the youths, that when you kill with a ‘panga’ it will take you to hell before God and it leads to jail before the laws of the land .

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