Supermarket chain stores should not displace marketeers and local businesses in compounds

vice president stated that supermarket chain stores , while welcome to expand their businesses, should not entrench themselves in high density areas such as compounds; as doing so destroys livelihoods of marketeers and local grocery shops, family businesses and enterprising zambians who cannot compete with chain stores.The republican vice president said that supermarket chain stores should be aware that extending their businesses into compounds may result in the collapse of small businesses and loss of livelihoods among marketeers and traders. Such a situation is against the patriotic party government’s pro-poor social and economic development agenda as outlined in the pf manifesto and the seventh national development plan.Mrs inonge mutukwa wina has since directed the ministry of local government and the ministry of commerce, trade and industry to guide and work closely with local authorities so that appropriate level of planning and business development is attained without sacrificing marketeers and traders in high density areas and compounds. The vice president further stated that this directive does not take away the recognition of foreign chain stores as an important source of diverse products, a market for local producers and a source of employment for many zambians.In order to ensure unique, profitable and sustainable local businesses, the vice president has also tasked marketeers and traders to attract customers by ensuring that their trading environments and practices adhere to stipulated laws, regulations and hygiene requirements at all times.
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