Citizen, Pamodzi and East Southern Universities have been deregistered

By Alain Kabinda

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) has deregisters three universities Citizen university, Pamodzi university and East and Southern university in accordance with the provisions of the institution Act no.4 of 2013 part lV: section 23(3) from operating.

Higher education Authority corporate communications officer Birbal Musoba stated that these institutions have been gazette in gazette notice no.27of 2020. “these universities have abrogated the higher education actno.4of 2013 part lV section 23(1)(b) which mandates the authority to deregister the a private institution if it contravenes any term or condition or any provision of the act,” Musoba said. He further stated that all the institutions need to follow the regulation or the law of the institution to provide quality education to the public. Musoba also directed the institutions to stop all operations and were given (7) days to surrender the original certificates to the authority.


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