Eastern province recorded zero examination malpractice

The Eastern Province Education office says the province last year recorded zero rate of examination malpractice Provincial Education Officer PEO Allan Lingambe has said.
Mr. Lingambe has attributed this to a number of interventions his office had put in place to prevent exam malpractices.
He says some of the measures that were put in place were the tight security on exam papers storage rooms, which made it difficult for people to leak exams.
Dr Lingambe has also acknowledged the important role that the literacy program which Eastern Province has been implementing in ensuring the province records zero reports of exam leakage.
Dr Lingambe adds that the literacy program which includes Early Childhood Education and Adult Literacy education has helped learners know how to read at an early age, adding that this shows that the learners were writing exams based on what they have been learning at school.
He further notes that this year the ministry is aiming at upscaling adult literacy education to allow adults who are willing to learn how to read and write to be enrolled in school.


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