HH Donates to Bauleni

The Donation of mealie meal ‘is an act of God,’ observes 82 year old woman of Bauleni compound when she received a 25 kg bag of mealie meal from UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Mama Mayeso who was among many other beneficiaries says Hakainde Hichilema’s donation of mealie meal to the suffering people of Bauleni at a time such as this was an act of God.

“When we pray that Lord Give us this day our daily bread, we should believe that God will do His honest part. Mwana wanga ni Mulungu (my child, its God). God, knew that my children are hungry and needed help, and here we are,God has done it,” said 82 year old Mama Mayeso.

The UPND leader distributed some mealie-meal to persons with disabilities, the aged, vulnerable group comprising orphans and widows in Bauleni compound.

When word went round that Mr Hichilema was in the area, more people in need of the staple food turned up in numbers and the UPND president bought more mealie meal within Bauleni compound to meet the demand.

And a local shop owner thanked Mr Hichilema for making a huge purchase of mealie-meal saying most of the urban poor people were unable to afford to buy a 25kg spot cash as most families were struggling.

Mr Hichilema however maintained that the only way to mitigate the current starvation in some parts of Zambia was for government to declare hunger as a humanitarian emergency without delay.

Bauleni Resident

“Look, here is a 2.5kg fetching K20 and it is meant for two or three meals for a single person. But a normal size family of six people would need ten (10) of these to make a 25kg bag which translates to K200. If people cannot afford to buy mealie-meal which is a staple food, that means hunger. In addition, if people were faced with poor or no harvest at all due to drought, it denotes hunger and it’s only logical to declare an emergency in this regard. How can one person build 48 houses through theft and corruption yet majority citizens cannot afford three square meals a day,” questioned Mr Hichilema.

Earlier,200 PF youths led by Sylvester Banda and Ackim Munyika joined the UPND.

“We don’t have time to waste and there is no looking around for another political party other than UPND. The only party ready to deliver us, the youths and Zambia from misery is the one for President HH. To those in PF, take it from me because this is official; we are now UPND members and please do not come to our street to make noise,’ charged Banda.

And Munyika observed that life for young people in Zambia was unbearable pushing others into doing unthinkable and life threatening things just to survive.

“We stand ready to work with you Mr Hichilema because we have seen how consistent and truthful you have been as a leader; you inspire us the young people,” said Munyika.

As President Hichilema and his entourage was leaving Bauleni, a youth followed the motorcade to deliver a special message saying, ‘HH mudala, never lose hope for the LORD is with you.’

President Hichilema was welcomed in Bauleni at the residence of senior citizen and veteran politician William Banda by the Constituency and Ward leadership as well as some National Management (NMC) members.


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