YALI counsels Kambwili over drug trafficking allegations

Chishimba Kambwili accusations of the President and Lusaka businessman, Valden Findlay, are motivated by people with competing business interests against Mr. Findlay and meant to undermine the Presidency, Young African Leaders Initiative has charged.

In a press briefing held at Mika Hotel on Sunday, YALI President Andrew Ntewewe, said Mr. Kambwili should not show cowardice by making scathing accusation of drug trafficking against the Head of State while failing to provide details to law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Ntewewe alleged Mr. Kambwili appear to have been sponsored by persons with business interests to fight the Head of State by questioning Mr. Findlay’s association by suggesting the President is using the Presidential jet to traffic in drugs to other countries, remarks which he said border on national security.

“This is why today we want to call upon investigative wings to not only take keen interest in those allegations by issuance of call-outs but we need them to expedite the conclusion of this inquiry they are making,” said Mr. Ntewewe

Mr. Ntewewe has called on Mr. Kambwili to grow up and show maturity in politics by avoiding divisive temptation to use his freedom of expressions to make serious allegations against the Head of State and malign other citizens, all in the name of politics and the pursuit to get popularity among the people.

Mr. Ntewewe has also advised Kaweche Kaunda, son to Republican President Kenneth Kaunda, to avoid bringing his father’s legacy into question by joining political battles that undermine the Head of State.

“Kambwili and Kaweche can assist the Drug Enforcement Commission and other investigative wings with information rather than become a media front of those business entities who may be using them to malign the President and an ordinary citizen,” said Ntewewe.;

Mr. Ntewewe said Mr. Kaweche Kaunda should remember that his father rules during 27 years and thereafter was marred by injuring which Kaunda and other Zambians caused to each other during the process but they decided to forgive each other and move on. He said attempts by Mr. Kaweche Kaunda may sadly open the Pandora box which will not help the rule of Dr. Kaunda.

Posted by City 6 to 6 on Sunday, September 15, 2019

“DEC has made an appeal to the public for anyone, including Mr. Kaweche, with information to assist and under the whistle-blower protection, Mr. Kaweche would be very safe as he will not be exposed. So why has he chosen to expose himself by playing to the same public gallery as these politicians whose interest is to further their political careers? The question is why, would such senior citizens be so reckless?” questioned Ntewewe.

Mr. Ntewewe said Kambwili and Kaweche are becoming a danger to national security and the enjoyment of constitutional rights by other citizens in their free exercise of freedom of expression.

“Mr. Kambwili’s unsparing allegations against the Head of State as having a questionable association with another citizen for purposes of drug trafficking using the presidential jet is irresponsible, and a reckless act calculated to bring the Republican Presidency into disrepute, locally and internationally,” he said.

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