Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Simoloka takes on Hamukale over closure of pep stores branch in Choma

Choma Mayor Javen Simoloka says closing down one of the two PEP Stores in Choma town by Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale is a bad move.

Simoloka argues that the Minister is supposed to be focusing on serious issues that are affecting the province such as hunger and lack of water for villagers.

The Mayor reveals to Byta FM that when he visited the Minister’s office just after he closed the shop, Hamukale had no answers as to why he shut down the branch.

Simoloka adds that people in rural areas have no food to eat as the cost of buying a bag of mealie meal and maize is high and that is what should be addressed by the Minister.

He further thinks the closure of the PEP Choma branch is a political move as the Minister is trying to take away freedoms of the citizens and make them suffer in their own region.

On Wednesday morning, Hamukale closed down one of the two PEP store shops saying the branch was allowing street vendors to trade on its corridors.

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