Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Monze farmers uncontrollably weep…as their livestock is auctioned

There was uncontrollable weeping yesterday at the Veterinary department’s office in Mazabuka among the 11 livestock farmers from Monze district as their animals were being transported to Zambia Institute of Animal Health (ZIAH) abattoir for disposal.

This was after the Mazabuka Magistrate court ordered for the auctioning of the 71 animals that were seized by the Veterinary department for illegal movement on Tuesday morning.

The confiscated animals comprised of 36 goats, 26 pigs and nine chickens on a Rosa and Haice Mini buses in Nega-Nega enroute to Lusaka.

The farmers cried foul and pleaded to the government to consider sharing the proceeds from the auction sale with the farmers.

They lamented that they have lost their only source of income hence the need for the government to be lenient and help them.

Meanwhile, Mazabuka District Veterinary officer Dr. Ernest Ndalama confirmed the auctioning of the animals at the ZIAH abattoir.

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