Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Agro-dealer menace recounted

Some agrodealers have been causing lots of problems to the FISP e-voucher system by behaving fraudulently.

Smart Zambia Chief Executive Officer Dr Martin Mtonga said during a high level meeting on FISP operations organised by the Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) on Thursday 8th August in Lusaka that some agrodealers have not been genuine to Zambians and have been duping farmers, especially those with challenges on how to use the e-voucher cards.

Dr Mtonga said some agrodealers have been forcing farmers to pick inputs that they had no use for in some cases, while in other instances they would tell farmers that they had depleted the money on the card and yet not and redeem the balances instead.

Dr Mtonga pinpointed areas where agrodealers have been notoriously fraudulent that include Sinanzongwe, Sinda, Vubwi and Kapiri Mposhi. He revealed that a code of conduct for agrodealers has been coined and erring agrodealers will be deregistered and prosecuted.

Dr Mtonga intimated that Smart Zambia has started collaborating closely with security wings and would train them on how to monitor the ZAIMIS system and pick out fraudulent activities. He said this is one of the measures to plug loopholes through which some rogue agrodealers have been abusing the system.

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