Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Govt. disappointed with Kakoma ‘s comment

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya says Government is extremely disappointed with remarks by United Party for National Development (UPND) Spokesperson Charles Kakoma, that President Edgar Lungu should not take part in regional peace building because Zambia is divided.
Ms. Siliya who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister said Zambians must not allow people with political ambitions to divide the country.
Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, Ms. Siliya said once politicians are allowed to divide the nation, it is the ordinary Zambian people that will suffer.
She emphasized that it is dangerous for politicians to continue sowing seeds of division, tribalism and perceived misunderstandings which in most cases do not even exist.
“Zambia has had politicians since 1964 and that politicians come and go hence the people of Zambia must not allow people who will not be on the political scene forever divide the country,” she said. 
Ms. Siliya said Zambia is known as a beacon of peace in Southern Africa as well as the world-over and has remained the envy of many peace-troubled countries.
Ms. Siliya has since urged all Zambians not to associate themselves with peddlers of hate and disunity in the country.
“If we allow a small group of people to divide us, nobody will win and we must not take the prevailing peace for granted,” she added.
She said Zambia has never experienced any war since its Independence and the fact that there are more than 72 tribes and people are still able to live in harmony with one another and marry across tribes should make Zambians proud.
And Ms. Siliya has urged the main stream media to fight for their space before fake news renders them irrelevant.
She said fake news is a lack of critical thinking because people who peddle it do not bother to analyze, read and find facts among other things.
Ms Siliya said everyone, especially professional journalists, has a responsibility to distance themselves from what she termed a lack of critical thinking.
She said fake news is dangerous and can lead to riotous behavior among citizens as was seen in Kitwe’s, Chamboli Township.
Meanwhile, Ms. Siliya has said it is strange that those that shunned the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) now want to speak the loudest on a matter they did not want to be part of.
Commenting on the move by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to drag President Edgar Lungu, the Attorney General and the National Assembly to the Constitutional Court for allegedly attempting to illegally amend the Constitution, Ms. Siliya said everyone including LAZ, was invited and given an opportunity to make submissions during the National Dialogue Forum.
The Chief Government Spokesperson said it is strange that an important professional body such as LAZ was exhibiting undemocratic tendencies by making pronouncements that do not have the consensus of the majority practitioners.
Ms. Siliya said democracy must be demonstrated in professional bodies, Churches, Non- Governmental Organisations, and families.
She said it is illogical for someone to call for democratic principles when in actual sense the professional body they belong to is autocratic.
Ms. Siliya said there is still room for LAZ to say what they do not like about the constitution adding that Government believes it is not every resolution that was made at the NDF that LAZ disagrees with.

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