Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Luanshya celebrates Decentralisation Day

………………… as Zamefa, Ghandi School, Mikonfwa Urban Clinic win awards

Luanshya Municipal Council is set to turn things around using an ambitious stake-holder driven multi-sectoral Local Economy Development approach.                                   

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda says time has come for the local authority to team up with stakeholders, residents and the business community to use combined effort to put   together a series of well defined sustainable progressive local economic development efforts

In a speech read  for him by Deputy Mayor Golden Mulenga ,during the Official commemoration of the 2019 African Day of Decentralisation Commemoration Activities at the Civic Centre grounds , Mayor Chanda said  efforts which need to be put in place to turn around Luanshya ‘s economy  includes  creating an enabling environment, expanding local markets, cost sharing and reduction.                                                                 

The Mayor said other measures are supporting redistribution and broad economic participation through economic empowerment programmers, education and skills training and employment intermediation and encouraging local buying.

The 2019 African Day of Decentralisation and Local Development theme is “promotion and effective implementation of the local economic development for sustainable solutions for regional and local communities and forced migrants in Africa.”

The African Decentralisation Day commemoration activities included the awarding of the private, public institutions and individuals who have over the year participated in the local government sector development in Luanshya.

Deputy Mayor Golden Mulenga and Luanshya District Commissioner Patrick Malipambe presided over the Local Government Week  Awards Presentation Ceremony.

 The winners of the 2019 Luanshya Local Government Week Award among others include Zamefa, who bagged Best Institutional Rate Payer Prize, Ghandi Primary School won, Best Performing School Prize and Mikonfwa Urban Clinic who got away with the Best Performing Clinic Prize

In his Decentralisation Day address, the Mayor reminded residents of Luanshya that they all have a duty and moral responsibility to actively contribute to the town’s economy through ways such as: service and tariff payments compliance with legislation, including local authority by law

Participation in local development initiatives and programmes providing proper care for children, the vulnerable and the elderly ,promoting gender equality in the home and in the community encouraging entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency apart from also ensuring that children receive an education.

Mayor Chanda has urged Luanshya residents to start repositioning themselves and change the town’s common destiny by being pillars in the implementation of sustainable social- economic development agenda.

Mayor Chanda said the local authority believes in community participatory approach to leadership and economic development.

The Council has in the recent past been hosting a series of consultative meetings on various issues involving stakeholders.

Luanshya the Council leadership has opted to use from a broad perspective when seeking to address social-economic challenges not over looking issues of globalization, residents’ inclusive boosting local economy approaches and competitiveness.

According to Mayor Chanda Luanshya Municipal Council is hopeful that the consistent use of the robust and inclusive approach to local economic development approach can help residents and stakeholders to address problems relating to growing unemployment, inequality and poverty among residents of our town.

The Mayor Chanda  says that he is an optimist  and hopeful  that Luanshya town  was set  adopting to approaches of  successful  models of  Local  Economic Development being used in African  cities such as Kigali and Addis-Ababa , which have been driven through tried and tested approaches of  building local economy  though massive multi-sectoral   residents and business community synergies.




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