Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Siamaili dismisses false statement as fake news created by enemies

Statement on the purported claim that i own the 48 flats

I have noted with sadness that some cyber criminals have taken advantage on the issue of the mysterious 48 flats whose owner is yet to be established. Some unknown Cyber criminals hacked into my Facebook account which they had an unauthorized access and posted malicious statements purporting me to be the owner of the houses.

I would like to take this opportunity to dispel the allegations linking me to be the owner of the houses and that at no time did I make any official statement other than the regrettable ill intended posts that have been posted on my Facebook timeline by someone who accessed my Facebook account illegally.

It is paramount to note that the issue of the 48 flats is under critical investigations by law enforcement agents which must be respected. Recently the president of the country echoed on the need by the law enforcement agents to investigate the issue seriously to establish the real owner. You all know that am a PF member and I dully pay allegiance to the President of the republic of Zambia who is working hard to develop the country and if I was the owner of the houses, I would have come out in the open to claim them and avoid stressing the interested institutions. Am not a complicated person to an extent that our noble law enforcement agents would fail to find me if I was linked to the purported flats.

To my supporters, family and friends, please take this as an official statement that I distance my self from the posts that were done using my account by cowards who find strength in exploiting the innocent through cyber criminality.

I would like to further state that as a society we must develop traits/ethos that build each other rather than destroying. It’s imperative that we remain united and help cleans our society of ill morals such as hacking into people’s social media accounts and damaging their reputation.

I will officially report the case of hacking to the police who am confident will do their job in hunting for whoever hacked into my account to be brought before the law and be prosecuted.

Let us all work together and responsibly contribute towards the development of our beloved country!!

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