Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Reshuffle the entire cabinet to enhance-Msoni

Reshuffle the entire cabinet to enhance efficiency and bring back sanity to governance of the country.

We think that a more holistic approach is required to change the current stalled dynamics and the poor performance of government.

A far more reaching and inclusive cabinet reshuffle is expected and is long overdue.

This kind of piece-meal and cosmetic changes to the structure of government fails far short of public expectations and will not add any value or efficiency for as long as the incompetent and corrupt criminals remain in government.

Our unsolicited counsel is that this inept government requires a full cabinet reshuffle.

We urge Mr Lungu to identify indicted criminals and remove them from government.

This country desperately needs a fresh start if it is to win back local and international confidence.

No one believes that making one single appointment will bring the necessary spark needed to get governance back on track.

In meeting his public pronouncement on the need for national unity and coercion, We expect him to inculcate that sense of inclusivity in the kind of appointments his making.

We further urge him to outgrow partisan and regional appointments which have the potential to further divide our people.
Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC

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