Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Police gun-down three dogs

Police in Lusaka have moved swiftly to gun-down three unmanned dogs that devoured to death an Eight year old Boy Gift Phiri, of Ndeke area in Lusaka’s Meanwood.

The incident occurred Sunday 15th July around 12:50 hours.

According to Zambia Police Spokeswoman Esther Katongo, it was reported that the owner of the dogs identified as Womba Samakayi opened the gate so that he could drive in, and in the process the dogs came out and attacked the victim who was walking on the road.

She further added that an inquiry has been opened. The body of the victim is in Levy Mwanawasa Hospital mortuary.

And Mrs. Katongo added that the dogs have been shot dead by Police.

“Owner of dogs in custody, and the rest of his family members have been evacuated to safety as an incensed crowd threatened to cause damage to the property but officers quickly rushed there to save the situation” she explained.

According to Control of Dogs Act Cap 247 of the Laws of Zambia, the Law requires that only two dogs are kept per household and if more than two dogs are to be kept, express permission should be sought from the Council stating reasons why more than two dogs are required.

The Law further demands that dogs should also be secured during day time and let free at night but even at night when let free they should be confined to owner’s premises.

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