Mon. Jul 15th, 2019

Opposition political parties alliance disintegration beginning of the end.

The ruling PF in Southern Province feels vindicated over it’s consistent call on Zambians especially people of Southern Province to never place their hopes of a prosperous Zambia in the leadership of opposition parties as they lack direction and principles and thier attempts to work together through alliances is based on hurtrate against His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and their insatiable appetite for state power.

The withdraw of a prominent politician and his political party from the opposition alliance a few months after another party ditched the alliance on similar reasons should be enough evidence for Zambians never to take the opposition alliance which includes the leading opposition UPND serious as they are jokers without any idea regarding governance matters.

This came barely 24 hours after another member of the same opposition alliance cried foul over acts of insincererity and double standards demonstrated by the UPND regarding the fielding of candidates in the forth coming Katuba parliamentary and ward by elections.

It does not surprise us what you are seeing are the true colours of the UPND leadership it is about them and not anyone else to dominate and bulldoze for as long as the marriage of convenience gives them some semblance of hope to usurp state power.

We are reliably informed the alliance is surviving on a shoe string the emerging cracks are but the start of the end as more members are on their way out including some top UPND officials are set to ditch the party primarily because of selfish and visionless leadership driven by bitterness and hurt.

We urge the people of Southern Province and all across the country to rally behind the tried and tested leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the PF as opposed to being taken for granted by the opposition who have no alternative policies or programs but to day in and day out criticise and insult President Lungu.

We are happy however that President Lungu has remained focused on delivering on his mandate through unprecedented infrastructure development in the health, education, agricultural, mining among many other sectors changing the country for good.

Issued by:

Trymore Mwenda

Pf Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary.

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