Mon. Jul 15th, 2019

Upnd national chairperson mutale nalumango resigns.

Mutale Nalumango has resigned from the UPND citing bad leadership and tribal attacks from senior UPND MPs and leaders in the Party, the only offence she committed was to advise HH to go with the agreement of the Alliance to support NDC in Kitwe Lubwa Ward by-elections, NDC and other Alliance Members agreed to support UPND in katuba elections, but HH gone against his words because he wants to find out if UPND  can win on the Copperbelt Province.

GBM, Dr. Canicious Banda,Sakwiba Sikota, the duo were chased because of advising HH on how to do things, but those who know HH will agree that man is self-centred and whatever he decides its final and everyone must  agree without questioning says “Mutale Nalumango”

Alot of Youths in UPND are still with GBM because he had put them on salaries as HH is a very greedy man and he rarely removes funds for party activities.

Close sources in UPND indicate that UPND Spokersperson Charles Kakoma was last night seen leaving State House, its believed that Charles Kakoma wants a Job because he nolonger believes in HH and his bad leadership style.

UPND does not mean well for the People of Zambia and I regret joining UPND, I have wasted my time, complained Matule Nalumango.

More detials later…

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