Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Mumba shredding petitions in quest to remain President-Nakachinda

Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD National Secretary Hon Raphael Nakachinda has accused his Former President Nevers Mumba of shredding petitions from provinces in his quest to remain President for the former ruling party.

Nakachinda who was Nevers Mumba’s right hand man as special assistant and eventually party spokesperson at the time said his former boss wanted to avoid the convention all cost that he went as far as shredding petitions from the provincial executive committees in front of his Secretarial staff.

He said Dr Mumba had earlier realised that he couldn’t win at the convention due to the embrassement he caused the party by getting less than 15,000 votes hence his unconstitutional bid to stay in office.

“Dr Nevers Mumba personally shredded the petitions from the provinces calling for the Convention in 2016 in the presence of his Secretary right in her office and told all Secretariat staff, to stay quite and pretend no such correspondence reached the MMD National Office.

“During a NEC meeting held in 2015 around June/July a question addressing the holding of a convention was raised and unfortunately a predetermined response was given in the negative. I advised Dr Mumba against making a mistake of going against the provisions of the party constitution.

“Even though the results of the Presidential By election where embarrassing we supported you on principle and that principle was that you are the incumbent leader of the party and the same spirit should be used in dealing with the issue of the convention, I then led him to the party constitution in article 14.1 which states that a regular convention of the party shall be held every five years, I further remainded him that the article does not negotiate on this issue but gives express direction on when it shall and not may be held,” he said.
Dr Mumba is also accused of having hired thugs from Chirundu and Kanyama constituency responsible for the violent dismissal of Hon Prof. Lungwangwa who was physically airlifted and thrown out of the NEC meeting held at Mika convention centre on the 30th of January 2016 for supporting the calls to hold convention as per constitutional requirement in 2016.

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