Mon. Jul 15th, 2019

Increase financial support towards children CSPR call on govt

According to the 2017 Child Poverty and Deprivation in East and Southern Africa Report disseminated by the Africa Platform for Social Protection (APSP) in Lusaka on 4th July 5, 2019, Zambia has one of the highest rates of stunting levels at 35% of under 5 years olds in East and Southern Africa.

The report shows that Zambia has poor child care practices, high rates of household food insecurity coupled with inadequate access to water and sanitation influence children’s nutritional.

And speaking at the same event Civil society for poverty reduction (CSPR) programmes manager Juliet Ilunga said the organisation is concerned with high levels of deprivation among the children

“we are aware of the number of programs that government is doing like ‘the keeping girls in school’, ‘the home-grown school feeding program’ both under the ministry of community development program” she said.

Ms. ilunga disclosed that a number of social protection program lack adequate financing especially those targeting children, “we are appealing for more financial support targeting children towards the social protection in order to reduce the levels of vulnerability among them”.

She said CSPR seeks to see improved – living standards, education, health and a raise in nutrition among other sectors of lives for all the children in all societies.

“This can be done with the support of government and other cooperating partners.” she noted 

She further called on civil societies to raise awareness on the rights of children which shall bring about a transformation among the children if they are aware of their rights.  

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