Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Believe in yourself Moz B urges musicians.

He writes below:

They say knowledge is a key to success but I believe knowledge applied to something is the key to success. You can’t just have knowledge and be successful without applying it to the thing that you are doing in order for you to archieve your goal.

My fellow musicians, you can’t have talent and expect everything to work on it’s own but you need to apply extra effort. Doing a good song and post it on social media won’t make you famous but if you take time to do ground works as well as investing in your talent believe me you will be more than happy with the outcomes.

I don’t have a manager and am still looking for one but the best advice I can give all of you is that no manager can walk to you without seeing your own effort, without seeing or hearing your works. Nowadays you need to present your works if they are good then the same works will favour you like a CV even featuring a big artist won’t be a problem.
Forget about those who let you down when you need their help just keep pushing hard one day they will all look up to you because we can’t rush greatness.

Just go on and push!
Believe me there is no Juju, there is no sangoma that will come and make you famous. The best juju and Sangoma is God. Exercise his word and see the turning point of your life.

If you don’t have a promoter who is helping you with your work promote yourself. If you don’t have a DJ who is playing your songs ask for connection, even WhatsApp groups can do. Remember fans we earn them so do something different that someone will admire and all will be okay.
Remember you need to believe in yourself before anyone else and put God first in whatever you are doing.

Forget about big artists you are a star on your own so get ready to shine

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